Saturday, June 30, 2012

Okay I finally blogged again...Now go read it!

Okay so I’m not that consistent with blogging, as I mentioned I wouldn’t be, but I wanted to come and give an update of what’s been going on since last entry. So my relay qualified for nationals in Pueblo, Co; we were in Colorado for 7 days and we didn’t run until the 6th day. During my time in Colorado, I spent a lot of time with teammates, more time than I had all year, and actually made a bond with these 3 ladies. I also took advantage of the free food whenever I was offered it, because I had to use the meal money the school gave us to pay towards the rent for my new apartment in Roseville. Another teammate of mine who qualified for nationals whom I hung out with before, accompanied me to Club 21, a little hole-in-the-wall strip club in pueblo. This place was the worse, they get you with the $5 entry fee and then charge you a min. 2 drinks purchase at $5 each! The girls were blah, many of them drunk or high, many didn’t know how to dance, and there was far too much solicitation going on, I won’t talk about looks because they all weren’t bad. My friend and I enjoyed our night and laughed at the entire evening, we didn’t think we would ever find a strip club worse than Stockton, congrats Club 21! Our relay ran the next day and qualified for finals the following day. I wasn’t as nervous for the finals as I was for the preliminaries because my entire goal was to make it to the finals. 9 teams made it to the finals and the top 8 teams received a trophy. We came in 8th, so we got a trophy. =)
Since then I moved, got settled and found a job. Before finding my job, I did some brand ambassador gig in Sams club and Walmart. Marketing different products and getting paid pretty handsomely for not much work. I also did some sign waving, I had done it last summer so I shot the guy an email and told him I wanted to do it again and he let me. Now my brother has that job and I am working at Red Hawk! I’m still within the 90 day evaluation phase and I like it so far, it’s extremely fast pace and you have to know how to deal with a bunch of people from a broad range of cultures. I have yet had someone to yell at me so I think I’m doing well so far. This is my first job where I’ve had to work 8hr shifts, it takes some getting used to, but its fun and the co-workers are great.

Today is my long overdue graduation party at my grandmother’s house. It’s less of a party but more of a potluck gathering with family and a few friends. I will post pics later!