Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My grad pictures, I need viewers help choosing

I posted the link to my recent photoshoot for my graduation pics. I can only choose 4 =( but I need help choosing. Tell me which ones you like!!! Thanks, I only have 3 more days to make a choice!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

What am I doing wrong? What can I improve?

I’ve posted my resume everywhere and still seem to have a difficult time finding a job. Time is winding down, I have exactly 2weeks and 4 days before I graduate. I understand that jobs are hard to come by, but for someone who has a completely open schedule, a degree, internship experience and previous work experience, it shouldn’t be this hard. I’ve even applied for minimum wage positions and yet to hear a reply from anything. I have a good lead on a job currently, the hiring process seems to be really tough but I want it! Throwing yourself at the mercy of complete strangers can be hard work but sometimes it has to be done. When I am really excited about something I tend to talk really fast, my eyes get wide and words I mean to say get all garbled. Practicing what I want to say in the mirror has been really helpful for me, allows me to smooth things out before I blurt everything that may running through my mind at the moment. I posted my resume( BELOW) to receive some feedback, is there something I’ve done that you like? Something you would change? All feedback is appreciated. I removed my contact information for the purpose of this blog entry. If any employers are reading this and are interested in offering a position, I can be reached at: I am looking for entry level positions or anything that pays at least $12/hr. Thank you

Alexandria McLiechey

Public Relations & Communications Professional


Innovative public relations and communications professional with experience in photography & writing.  Educated in Communications and Business with strengths in charisma and a tremendous ability to draw a crowd.  Exceptional skills in creative problem solving and expertise in crafting internal and external communications and gaining and maintaining client relations.


Areas of Expertise

§  Cutting-Edge PR Programs
§  Creative Implementation
§  Client Relationship Building
§  Team Member Development
§  Promotion Development
§  Media Outreach/Strategy
§  Brand Management
§  Budget Guidelines & Mgmt
§  Strategic Leader
§  Media Strategy & Counsel
§  Key Message Development
§  Contract Negotiation


                                       Education & Professional Development

Bachelors, Communication, Minor-Business
California State University-Stanislaus
Turlock, California, 2009-Present, Anticipated-Spring 2012

Bachelors, Communication
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, Nm, 2007-2009

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Courses


Professional Experience

C.S.U.-Stanislaus Learning Services, Turlock, CA.,                                                  2011-2012
Camera Operator/Clerical Assistant
Talented and creative professional Camera Operator shot various capacities with different subjects.
Ø  Experience in minor troubleshooting of PC and MAC.
Ø  Responsible for maintaining communication through Polycom video conference.
Ø  Handles calls and promptly forwards them to appropriate person among 3 different California State Universities.
Ø  Organize, sort and assign mail distribution for all the employees.
Ø  Responsible for control panel.

GradTrak Images – Northern CA.,                                                                                               2009-2010
Junior Photographer
Highly capable Junior Photographer, worked closely with other photographers and operations individuals, knowledgeable of equipment and photography practices. 
Ø  In charge of breaking down and building the sets, props and equipment.
Ø  Accountable for controlling focus, lighting, and gray balance with digital camera software.
Ø  Shot multiple poses at every graduation.
Ø  Collaborated with other photographers to test backgrounds, lighting, camera techniques, equipment and equipment calibrations.

Alexandria McLiechey-Page 2

Internship Experience

ShortForm, Web Entertainment, Ca                                                                                                Spring 2012
Entertainment Marketing intern
Created and promoted a channel of online videos to reach set views.                                        

Ø  Assist with marketing programs.

Ø  Reached goals of number of viewers set

Ø  Made connections through several social media sites


THE SIGNAL, College Newspaper

Contributing Author, 2009, Op-Ed,

Articles: Coats for Kids Drive, Welcome Back Week, Campus Safety

Notable Achievements

Senior Project, Spring 2012:  Increased number of animals that were spayed and/or neutered.  Used social media and face-to-face outreach, increased numbers by 13%.

HOPE FOR HAITI, SUMMER 2010: Responsible for taking donations over the phone and keeping record. I helped raise over $7,000 for the cause.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Track Meet

4x4 Relay...Me and 3 Models =)
Okay so I vlogged a little bit about on my youtube channel>> but I will write a little more about it here. My 4x4 relay team is currently ranked number 10 in the nation in the Division 2 section; only the top 12 or maybe 16 teams go to nationals. I’m really hoping it is the top 16 teams because that allows for more people to make to nationals and since there are 2 heats and 8 lanes on the track; it would only make since to use all of the lanes and give everyone a opportunity.
Before this past weekend, my team was ranked 16th but with belief in ourselves and a lot of prayer, we dropped three seconds off our time and are looking forward to dropping more this weekend. Two ladies on the relay dropped 2 seconds off their 400 time; they were the reason for the pr which in return put us number 2 on our universities all time list. I personally ran my usual split, so I was kind of disappointed, but I will run faster this week because this may be my last week to do so. Overall it was fun wondering through Berkeley for a minute (e.g. Pictures), all the ladies bought commemorative bracelets for the success we had in our relay. This weekend is conference at Cal State Los Angeles, I have been entered in 4 events and if I make to the finals, I will have to do an event twice. Well I’ll keep you updated, there are two more meets where we could potentially move our way down the list or get knocked off, so keep us in your prayers. TTYL!!