Friday, November 16, 2012


It is now mid-November and since then, I quit my job at the casino, I turned 23, my mother had surgery, President Obama held onto the title of President for another 4 years, I work at Saks Outlet store, and I’m one step closer to getting into the Masters program. Because it is now winter and the clothing line from the jewelry pieces/ clothing collection that I was selling were strictly for summer wear, my extra income has dwindled. I STILL HAVE BROOCHES AVAILABLE.  =)  I found a good website called, it gives the public information on open settlements they can get involved in if they can prove their case. I’ve currently been eligible for 2 because of the items I bought at the time but it is a great site to check out.  Also, I started running again. I have a love/hate relationship with running but I will probably have to do it or some other form strenuous working out for the rest of my life. When I ran consistently all through high school and college, I ate A LOT, but now that I’ve gradated and settled into adulthood, I eat A LOT, and there lies the issue. It’s a curse! I honestly try to eat less but I’m always hungry =( I have a 24hr gym membership but I don’t go often, so Monday I’m starting a liquid diet(prob won’t last long) and going to practice as much as I can. Health is important to me, hence the reason why I want to get my masters in the health field. I’m finding it hard to find internships in the health field and someone suggested being a CNA to get experience working with people livelihood. I’ll keep looking and in the meantime I’ll keep writing in my blog, now that I have Betty the PC back =)

Where the BLEEP have you been?

I haven’t been on my computer since AUGUST!! My computer caught a virus and I didn’t want to shell out the $100 to have it fixed so I’ve just been bumming off my bf PC when I wanted the internet. I refused to write out my blog pieces on anyone else’s PC so I am finally posting what I wrote way  back in august!!

At the African Cultural Faire September 1st, Sacramento, Ca
The time has almost come, my big unveiling of my whole reason for creating this blog! One day while I was sitting in coffee shop in the early part of March, I was talking with a friend and was pitching ideas of what type of clothing style would be cool for summer. We talked about different shapes and colors of items we would make but nothing we thought of sounded do-able with our budget. So…. I came up with an idea for a shirt design, and I loved it! My family loved it, my beau loved it, my girls loved it, everyone loved it! The problem was getting the money to get the thing up and running. I worked an extremely part time job while at school so it took me time to buy the things I needed, 5 months to be exact, but in my spare time I mapped out the things I needed and could afford and purchased those first. I purchased the brooch clasps; I also bought 10 shirts in both red and yellow, and lastly, the brass 10x12 sheet, the most important piece of all. Once I bought all these things, the next step was getting the brass cut, and that turned out to be a financial nightmare, I went to a shop in town and they quoted me $$$ for 12 pieces to be cut and I honestly wasn’t expecting that. They told me that they would hold that “deal” for me for a month, a month went by and I still didn’t have any brass pieces, just couldn’t afford it. By now, it was nearing the end of May and I would be graduating in a few weeks, I had managed to save $65 and I really wanted to get the shirts out there. I had already had models set up, my track girls, but I just couldn’t save any more money. May blew past, I graduated, I ran in my final nationals meet, I moved, did some photography while spend the rest of my efforts looking for a job that would provide. All in all, my great idea had gone by the way side. =( but now, 5 fricken months later, and 2 weeks before summer is over lol I finally did it, I got the brass pieces cut and I’m ready to be in business. I will be selling a variety of things, not a big inventory but the brass cutters were able to use the extra pieces of brass and make smaller designs that I found to be useful. September 1st is the African American Cultural Festival at William Land Park in Sacramento and I bought a booth and I will be selling my items there!  I have bandeau tops, tote bags, bracelets, rings and more. I’m so excited, I’ve never done anything like this before, I didn’t give up on wanting to create my shirts; I just knew that it would take me some time to complete it. I created some fliers and other doodads that I think will benefit me at this event.  Anyhow, the name of my line is: Peace After Revolution Designs (thanks Ms Badu) and hence my email being I will be selling my items through paypal this site and you can feel free to contact me through my email anytime.
                                                 ESTY SHOP COMING SOON!

Monday, August 6, 2012

google pictures

I hate that google puts my pictures from my blog on google images!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Okay I finally blogged again...Now go read it!

Okay so I’m not that consistent with blogging, as I mentioned I wouldn’t be, but I wanted to come and give an update of what’s been going on since last entry. So my relay qualified for nationals in Pueblo, Co; we were in Colorado for 7 days and we didn’t run until the 6th day. During my time in Colorado, I spent a lot of time with teammates, more time than I had all year, and actually made a bond with these 3 ladies. I also took advantage of the free food whenever I was offered it, because I had to use the meal money the school gave us to pay towards the rent for my new apartment in Roseville. Another teammate of mine who qualified for nationals whom I hung out with before, accompanied me to Club 21, a little hole-in-the-wall strip club in pueblo. This place was the worse, they get you with the $5 entry fee and then charge you a min. 2 drinks purchase at $5 each! The girls were blah, many of them drunk or high, many didn’t know how to dance, and there was far too much solicitation going on, I won’t talk about looks because they all weren’t bad. My friend and I enjoyed our night and laughed at the entire evening, we didn’t think we would ever find a strip club worse than Stockton, congrats Club 21! Our relay ran the next day and qualified for finals the following day. I wasn’t as nervous for the finals as I was for the preliminaries because my entire goal was to make it to the finals. 9 teams made it to the finals and the top 8 teams received a trophy. We came in 8th, so we got a trophy. =)
Since then I moved, got settled and found a job. Before finding my job, I did some brand ambassador gig in Sams club and Walmart. Marketing different products and getting paid pretty handsomely for not much work. I also did some sign waving, I had done it last summer so I shot the guy an email and told him I wanted to do it again and he let me. Now my brother has that job and I am working at Red Hawk! I’m still within the 90 day evaluation phase and I like it so far, it’s extremely fast pace and you have to know how to deal with a bunch of people from a broad range of cultures. I have yet had someone to yell at me so I think I’m doing well so far. This is my first job where I’ve had to work 8hr shifts, it takes some getting used to, but its fun and the co-workers are great.

Today is my long overdue graduation party at my grandmother’s house. It’s less of a party but more of a potluck gathering with family and a few friends. I will post pics later!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My grad pictures, I need viewers help choosing

I posted the link to my recent photoshoot for my graduation pics. I can only choose 4 =( but I need help choosing. Tell me which ones you like!!! Thanks, I only have 3 more days to make a choice!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

What am I doing wrong? What can I improve?

I’ve posted my resume everywhere and still seem to have a difficult time finding a job. Time is winding down, I have exactly 2weeks and 4 days before I graduate. I understand that jobs are hard to come by, but for someone who has a completely open schedule, a degree, internship experience and previous work experience, it shouldn’t be this hard. I’ve even applied for minimum wage positions and yet to hear a reply from anything. I have a good lead on a job currently, the hiring process seems to be really tough but I want it! Throwing yourself at the mercy of complete strangers can be hard work but sometimes it has to be done. When I am really excited about something I tend to talk really fast, my eyes get wide and words I mean to say get all garbled. Practicing what I want to say in the mirror has been really helpful for me, allows me to smooth things out before I blurt everything that may running through my mind at the moment. I posted my resume( BELOW) to receive some feedback, is there something I’ve done that you like? Something you would change? All feedback is appreciated. I removed my contact information for the purpose of this blog entry. If any employers are reading this and are interested in offering a position, I can be reached at: I am looking for entry level positions or anything that pays at least $12/hr. Thank you

Alexandria McLiechey

Public Relations & Communications Professional


Innovative public relations and communications professional with experience in photography & writing.  Educated in Communications and Business with strengths in charisma and a tremendous ability to draw a crowd.  Exceptional skills in creative problem solving and expertise in crafting internal and external communications and gaining and maintaining client relations.


Areas of Expertise

§  Cutting-Edge PR Programs
§  Creative Implementation
§  Client Relationship Building
§  Team Member Development
§  Promotion Development
§  Media Outreach/Strategy
§  Brand Management
§  Budget Guidelines & Mgmt
§  Strategic Leader
§  Media Strategy & Counsel
§  Key Message Development
§  Contract Negotiation


                                       Education & Professional Development

Bachelors, Communication, Minor-Business
California State University-Stanislaus
Turlock, California, 2009-Present, Anticipated-Spring 2012

Bachelors, Communication
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, Nm, 2007-2009

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Courses


Professional Experience

C.S.U.-Stanislaus Learning Services, Turlock, CA.,                                                  2011-2012
Camera Operator/Clerical Assistant
Talented and creative professional Camera Operator shot various capacities with different subjects.
Ø  Experience in minor troubleshooting of PC and MAC.
Ø  Responsible for maintaining communication through Polycom video conference.
Ø  Handles calls and promptly forwards them to appropriate person among 3 different California State Universities.
Ø  Organize, sort and assign mail distribution for all the employees.
Ø  Responsible for control panel.

GradTrak Images – Northern CA.,                                                                                               2009-2010
Junior Photographer
Highly capable Junior Photographer, worked closely with other photographers and operations individuals, knowledgeable of equipment and photography practices. 
Ø  In charge of breaking down and building the sets, props and equipment.
Ø  Accountable for controlling focus, lighting, and gray balance with digital camera software.
Ø  Shot multiple poses at every graduation.
Ø  Collaborated with other photographers to test backgrounds, lighting, camera techniques, equipment and equipment calibrations.

Alexandria McLiechey-Page 2

Internship Experience

ShortForm, Web Entertainment, Ca                                                                                                Spring 2012
Entertainment Marketing intern
Created and promoted a channel of online videos to reach set views.                                        

Ø  Assist with marketing programs.

Ø  Reached goals of number of viewers set

Ø  Made connections through several social media sites


THE SIGNAL, College Newspaper

Contributing Author, 2009, Op-Ed,

Articles: Coats for Kids Drive, Welcome Back Week, Campus Safety

Notable Achievements

Senior Project, Spring 2012:  Increased number of animals that were spayed and/or neutered.  Used social media and face-to-face outreach, increased numbers by 13%.

HOPE FOR HAITI, SUMMER 2010: Responsible for taking donations over the phone and keeping record. I helped raise over $7,000 for the cause.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Track Meet

4x4 Relay...Me and 3 Models =)
Okay so I vlogged a little bit about on my youtube channel>> but I will write a little more about it here. My 4x4 relay team is currently ranked number 10 in the nation in the Division 2 section; only the top 12 or maybe 16 teams go to nationals. I’m really hoping it is the top 16 teams because that allows for more people to make to nationals and since there are 2 heats and 8 lanes on the track; it would only make since to use all of the lanes and give everyone a opportunity.
Before this past weekend, my team was ranked 16th but with belief in ourselves and a lot of prayer, we dropped three seconds off our time and are looking forward to dropping more this weekend. Two ladies on the relay dropped 2 seconds off their 400 time; they were the reason for the pr which in return put us number 2 on our universities all time list. I personally ran my usual split, so I was kind of disappointed, but I will run faster this week because this may be my last week to do so. Overall it was fun wondering through Berkeley for a minute (e.g. Pictures), all the ladies bought commemorative bracelets for the success we had in our relay. This weekend is conference at Cal State Los Angeles, I have been entered in 4 events and if I make to the finals, I will have to do an event twice. Well I’ll keep you updated, there are two more meets where we could potentially move our way down the list or get knocked off, so keep us in your prayers. TTYL!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Internship Progress

Okay so I’ve been putting in work with my internship! You can catch me walking up, down, all over the parking lots of different campuses posting flyers promoting my vlog page for ShortForm. I still have yet to obtain the minimum 50 viewers a week that I need, but I’m hopeful that it will happen soon. I’ve been twitting more, facebooking, and pinterest-ing things lol all around being more social networking inclined. It has become clear to me that marketing is not my strong point, I don’t have a passion for it; knowing that gets me one step closer to finding what it is I want to do with my life. If you are looking for internships, please check out:<< its free!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My To Do List!!

Steering away from all the stressors from the last post, I have some positive news to report…..I’m alive!! And that’s great news!! I’d rather be alive and have challenges than be dead with missed chances<< (dope, quote me =))

 Anyhow, I am not big on writing, check out my articles from my college newspaper stint But I can honestly say that I’m starting to love reading, so excuse me if I vlog more than I blog, but I will have lots of pictures on this blog. Thanks for stopping by, I should have more soon.

Monday, April 23, 2012


Graduation is just around the corner and I’m getting hit with so many things at once. Preparing to move out of my apartment and move in with my partner, senior projects, figuring out how to pay for graduation pictures(fortunately I purchase announcements earlier in the year when I had money), looking for employment, deciding when to launch my little business, pay bills and worrying if I have that the opportunity to even walk at graduation.

It became clear to me while writing this that the reoccurring factor in most of these issues is money. Wondering if I’ll have enough and worrying if the things I want to buy will be a waste of it. I currently have an on campus job that pays 10hr and I work a total of 5hrs a week!!lol I mainly use my checks to pay bills and purchase gas in my car, I never have more than $40 when the week is over so I just take what I have and put it towards my shirt idea. The positive factor of being a student athlete is the financial assistant you receive, fortunately this year I was awarded enough money to set aside to pay my rent for the semester. But, once I finish school, my job ends, I have been on a constant grind looking for jobs. I truly recommend the sites: CareerBuilder, monster, indeed, and tweetmyjobs, for individuals who are looking for employment across a broad range. I have one job prospect in mind but I’ll blog about it on the yt later =)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

About Me

Ah yes, I finally decided to create a blog that I feel comfortable connecting my name to. A blog about career goals, my entrepreneurial venture, the final weeks of undergrad and a assortment of other things that I have decided to not get too perplexed about. More importantly, I want this blog to be interactive, I love telling stories but what I love even more is others input. I am the type of person to read an article online and then quickly scroll the comment section on the page and read how everyone feels, it gives me a chance to look at things from a different point of view. Since this blog is mainly informational, I welcome all information that you find that will be beneficial to this blog. Ha ha, I just realized this isn't a normal introduction so I'll just hope into the "normal" introduction. My name is (Dur-re-ah), 22y.o., 4 year scholarship NCAATrack&Field athelete, graduating with my B.A. in Communication in may, interning with two business and in business for myself. I'm currently looking for a career but I know things will come in due time.