Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hello Stalkers!!!

Welp, according to my analytics page, my views have skyrocketed, and for that I must say "thank you"! The more people read my fluff, the higher my confidence grows and my belief that someone, somewhere wants to read about the highs and lows of my life.
Sorry for the delay, I always say that I will blog more but it never happens.
For starters, I got married!! 
Yeah me, the sporadically employed graduate student who is on a constant quest to figure out whats best path in life. Melodrama aside, my wedding was beautiful, you should have been there>>  Of course it started on CP time, what did you expect? but Im thankful for everyone who came to help make it a successful night. I met members of my new family, caught up with old friends, said goodbye to old ways, and made my descent into holy matrimony (tripped over my dress a couple of times).
I got my Masters...sort of
I walked at graduation but I currently have on more course to complete until I am officially done
My head is huge!!
Promotions is making ends meet
aside from my job on campus as a front desk receptionist at the clinic, working promotions is a fun way to bill money. This lady Charro is BIG stuff in a small package

I will write more, I Promise.

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