Friday, November 16, 2012


It is now mid-November and since then, I quit my job at the casino, I turned 23, my mother had surgery, President Obama held onto the title of President for another 4 years, I work at Saks Outlet store, and I’m one step closer to getting into the Masters program. Because it is now winter and the clothing line from the jewelry pieces/ clothing collection that I was selling were strictly for summer wear, my extra income has dwindled. I STILL HAVE BROOCHES AVAILABLE.  =)  I found a good website called, it gives the public information on open settlements they can get involved in if they can prove their case. I’ve currently been eligible for 2 because of the items I bought at the time but it is a great site to check out.  Also, I started running again. I have a love/hate relationship with running but I will probably have to do it or some other form strenuous working out for the rest of my life. When I ran consistently all through high school and college, I ate A LOT, but now that I’ve gradated and settled into adulthood, I eat A LOT, and there lies the issue. It’s a curse! I honestly try to eat less but I’m always hungry =( I have a 24hr gym membership but I don’t go often, so Monday I’m starting a liquid diet(prob won’t last long) and going to practice as much as I can. Health is important to me, hence the reason why I want to get my masters in the health field. I’m finding it hard to find internships in the health field and someone suggested being a CNA to get experience working with people livelihood. I’ll keep looking and in the meantime I’ll keep writing in my blog, now that I have Betty the PC back =)

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