Friday, November 16, 2012


It is now mid-November and since then, I quit my job at the casino, I turned 23, my mother had surgery, President Obama held onto the title of President for another 4 years, I work at Saks Outlet store, and I’m one step closer to getting into the Masters program. Because it is now winter and the clothing line from the jewelry pieces/ clothing collection that I was selling were strictly for summer wear, my extra income has dwindled. I STILL HAVE BROOCHES AVAILABLE.  =)  I found a good website called, it gives the public information on open settlements they can get involved in if they can prove their case. I’ve currently been eligible for 2 because of the items I bought at the time but it is a great site to check out.  Also, I started running again. I have a love/hate relationship with running but I will probably have to do it or some other form strenuous working out for the rest of my life. When I ran consistently all through high school and college, I ate A LOT, but now that I’ve gradated and settled into adulthood, I eat A LOT, and there lies the issue. It’s a curse! I honestly try to eat less but I’m always hungry =( I have a 24hr gym membership but I don’t go often, so Monday I’m starting a liquid diet(prob won’t last long) and going to practice as much as I can. Health is important to me, hence the reason why I want to get my masters in the health field. I’m finding it hard to find internships in the health field and someone suggested being a CNA to get experience working with people livelihood. I’ll keep looking and in the meantime I’ll keep writing in my blog, now that I have Betty the PC back =)

Where the BLEEP have you been?

I haven’t been on my computer since AUGUST!! My computer caught a virus and I didn’t want to shell out the $100 to have it fixed so I’ve just been bumming off my bf PC when I wanted the internet. I refused to write out my blog pieces on anyone else’s PC so I am finally posting what I wrote way  back in august!!

At the African Cultural Faire September 1st, Sacramento, Ca
The time has almost come, my big unveiling of my whole reason for creating this blog! One day while I was sitting in coffee shop in the early part of March, I was talking with a friend and was pitching ideas of what type of clothing style would be cool for summer. We talked about different shapes and colors of items we would make but nothing we thought of sounded do-able with our budget. So…. I came up with an idea for a shirt design, and I loved it! My family loved it, my beau loved it, my girls loved it, everyone loved it! The problem was getting the money to get the thing up and running. I worked an extremely part time job while at school so it took me time to buy the things I needed, 5 months to be exact, but in my spare time I mapped out the things I needed and could afford and purchased those first. I purchased the brooch clasps; I also bought 10 shirts in both red and yellow, and lastly, the brass 10x12 sheet, the most important piece of all. Once I bought all these things, the next step was getting the brass cut, and that turned out to be a financial nightmare, I went to a shop in town and they quoted me $$$ for 12 pieces to be cut and I honestly wasn’t expecting that. They told me that they would hold that “deal” for me for a month, a month went by and I still didn’t have any brass pieces, just couldn’t afford it. By now, it was nearing the end of May and I would be graduating in a few weeks, I had managed to save $65 and I really wanted to get the shirts out there. I had already had models set up, my track girls, but I just couldn’t save any more money. May blew past, I graduated, I ran in my final nationals meet, I moved, did some photography while spend the rest of my efforts looking for a job that would provide. All in all, my great idea had gone by the way side. =( but now, 5 fricken months later, and 2 weeks before summer is over lol I finally did it, I got the brass pieces cut and I’m ready to be in business. I will be selling a variety of things, not a big inventory but the brass cutters were able to use the extra pieces of brass and make smaller designs that I found to be useful. September 1st is the African American Cultural Festival at William Land Park in Sacramento and I bought a booth and I will be selling my items there!  I have bandeau tops, tote bags, bracelets, rings and more. I’m so excited, I’ve never done anything like this before, I didn’t give up on wanting to create my shirts; I just knew that it would take me some time to complete it. I created some fliers and other doodads that I think will benefit me at this event.  Anyhow, the name of my line is: Peace After Revolution Designs (thanks Ms Badu) and hence my email being I will be selling my items through paypal this site and you can feel free to contact me through my email anytime.
                                                 ESTY SHOP COMING SOON!