Monday, May 7, 2012

What am I doing wrong? What can I improve?

I’ve posted my resume everywhere and still seem to have a difficult time finding a job. Time is winding down, I have exactly 2weeks and 4 days before I graduate. I understand that jobs are hard to come by, but for someone who has a completely open schedule, a degree, internship experience and previous work experience, it shouldn’t be this hard. I’ve even applied for minimum wage positions and yet to hear a reply from anything. I have a good lead on a job currently, the hiring process seems to be really tough but I want it! Throwing yourself at the mercy of complete strangers can be hard work but sometimes it has to be done. When I am really excited about something I tend to talk really fast, my eyes get wide and words I mean to say get all garbled. Practicing what I want to say in the mirror has been really helpful for me, allows me to smooth things out before I blurt everything that may running through my mind at the moment. I posted my resume( BELOW) to receive some feedback, is there something I’ve done that you like? Something you would change? All feedback is appreciated. I removed my contact information for the purpose of this blog entry. If any employers are reading this and are interested in offering a position, I can be reached at: I am looking for entry level positions or anything that pays at least $12/hr. Thank you

Alexandria McLiechey

Public Relations & Communications Professional


Innovative public relations and communications professional with experience in photography & writing.  Educated in Communications and Business with strengths in charisma and a tremendous ability to draw a crowd.  Exceptional skills in creative problem solving and expertise in crafting internal and external communications and gaining and maintaining client relations.


Areas of Expertise

§  Cutting-Edge PR Programs
§  Creative Implementation
§  Client Relationship Building
§  Team Member Development
§  Promotion Development
§  Media Outreach/Strategy
§  Brand Management
§  Budget Guidelines & Mgmt
§  Strategic Leader
§  Media Strategy & Counsel
§  Key Message Development
§  Contract Negotiation


                                       Education & Professional Development

Bachelors, Communication, Minor-Business
California State University-Stanislaus
Turlock, California, 2009-Present, Anticipated-Spring 2012

Bachelors, Communication
New Mexico State University
Las Cruces, Nm, 2007-2009

SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Courses


Professional Experience

C.S.U.-Stanislaus Learning Services, Turlock, CA.,                                                  2011-2012
Camera Operator/Clerical Assistant
Talented and creative professional Camera Operator shot various capacities with different subjects.
Ø  Experience in minor troubleshooting of PC and MAC.
Ø  Responsible for maintaining communication through Polycom video conference.
Ø  Handles calls and promptly forwards them to appropriate person among 3 different California State Universities.
Ø  Organize, sort and assign mail distribution for all the employees.
Ø  Responsible for control panel.

GradTrak Images – Northern CA.,                                                                                               2009-2010
Junior Photographer
Highly capable Junior Photographer, worked closely with other photographers and operations individuals, knowledgeable of equipment and photography practices. 
Ø  In charge of breaking down and building the sets, props and equipment.
Ø  Accountable for controlling focus, lighting, and gray balance with digital camera software.
Ø  Shot multiple poses at every graduation.
Ø  Collaborated with other photographers to test backgrounds, lighting, camera techniques, equipment and equipment calibrations.

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Internship Experience

ShortForm, Web Entertainment, Ca                                                                                                Spring 2012
Entertainment Marketing intern
Created and promoted a channel of online videos to reach set views.                                        

Ø  Assist with marketing programs.

Ø  Reached goals of number of viewers set

Ø  Made connections through several social media sites


THE SIGNAL, College Newspaper

Contributing Author, 2009, Op-Ed,

Articles: Coats for Kids Drive, Welcome Back Week, Campus Safety

Notable Achievements

Senior Project, Spring 2012:  Increased number of animals that were spayed and/or neutered.  Used social media and face-to-face outreach, increased numbers by 13%.

HOPE FOR HAITI, SUMMER 2010: Responsible for taking donations over the phone and keeping record. I helped raise over $7,000 for the cause.

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