Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Track Meet

4x4 Relay...Me and 3 Models =)
Okay so I vlogged a little bit about on my youtube channel>> but I will write a little more about it here. My 4x4 relay team is currently ranked number 10 in the nation in the Division 2 section; only the top 12 or maybe 16 teams go to nationals. I’m really hoping it is the top 16 teams because that allows for more people to make to nationals and since there are 2 heats and 8 lanes on the track; it would only make since to use all of the lanes and give everyone a opportunity.
Before this past weekend, my team was ranked 16th but with belief in ourselves and a lot of prayer, we dropped three seconds off our time and are looking forward to dropping more this weekend. Two ladies on the relay dropped 2 seconds off their 400 time; they were the reason for the pr which in return put us number 2 on our universities all time list. I personally ran my usual split, so I was kind of disappointed, but I will run faster this week because this may be my last week to do so. Overall it was fun wondering through Berkeley for a minute (e.g. Pictures), all the ladies bought commemorative bracelets for the success we had in our relay. This weekend is conference at Cal State Los Angeles, I have been entered in 4 events and if I make to the finals, I will have to do an event twice. Well I’ll keep you updated, there are two more meets where we could potentially move our way down the list or get knocked off, so keep us in your prayers. TTYL!!

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