Monday, April 23, 2012


Graduation is just around the corner and I’m getting hit with so many things at once. Preparing to move out of my apartment and move in with my partner, senior projects, figuring out how to pay for graduation pictures(fortunately I purchase announcements earlier in the year when I had money), looking for employment, deciding when to launch my little business, pay bills and worrying if I have that the opportunity to even walk at graduation.

It became clear to me while writing this that the reoccurring factor in most of these issues is money. Wondering if I’ll have enough and worrying if the things I want to buy will be a waste of it. I currently have an on campus job that pays 10hr and I work a total of 5hrs a week!!lol I mainly use my checks to pay bills and purchase gas in my car, I never have more than $40 when the week is over so I just take what I have and put it towards my shirt idea. The positive factor of being a student athlete is the financial assistant you receive, fortunately this year I was awarded enough money to set aside to pay my rent for the semester. But, once I finish school, my job ends, I have been on a constant grind looking for jobs. I truly recommend the sites: CareerBuilder, monster, indeed, and tweetmyjobs, for individuals who are looking for employment across a broad range. I have one job prospect in mind but I’ll blog about it on the yt later =)

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